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Lecture at Istanbul Technical University, “A conversation through gears and subjects”

BBC – gallery and interview – Abkhazia: The ‘country’ living in a Soviet time warp

Represented by INSTITUTE – Abkhazia

Bestselected book vol.1 – 101 photographers


Fotografare July 2015

Organiconcrete – Interview

Lomography Magazine – New Delhi to Kathmandu overland – Interview

Lomography Magazine – On the Silk Road – Interview

Lomography Magazine – On the Edge of Turkmenistan – Interview

Lomography Magazine, “China by Rail” – Interview

Lomography Magazine – China by Rail in Analogico

Aserica Magazine, “A Neon Limbo” – Interview

ISO 400 – Interview

Be Analogic – Outside Fridge – Interview

Casa di Ringhiera magazine – Article

Positive Magazine – “Kosovo, a new dream”

Armenia: abbandono e nostalgia – Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

Nei quartieri della Istanbul popolare – Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso

F-Stop Magazine n°86 – Street Photography Issue

Stolen Ground Publishing – Featuring

Hipstography – “By any means”, Crossing Morocco with the Hipstamatic Cam 

Whim Magazine

3:mezzi cover magazine n.7 

Coco Indie July 2015 – Page 118

ATTN: Magazine – She Spread Sorrow Artwork Interview

Gattoni Calendar 2014 – Premio Gattoni

B magazine n.32 january 2015 – Korea, for Rimowa luggage brand

Too Many Humans Magazine

Forth Magazine

Lonely Planet Morocco 2014/15 – Italian Edition

Selected on Ignant – If You Leave – Frizzi Frizzi – ISO400 – Organiconcrete – Best Selected



Analog wandering

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